Thursday, January 14, 2010

OMG! What a Month!

So much has happened. What with being super busy with Christmas Orders, I have also fit in
some Christmas Cheer with the family, a short break on an island, a boutique market, and 1 puppy emergency.

Christmas has been wonderful. Its great to spend time with loved ones. We started Christmas day at home just the 5 of us. (ofcourse Im including my puppies in my family numbers!) To many presents to mention. One of my husbands all time favourites was his skate board. Custom built by Sam from Skatebiz in Albert St Brisbane.

Nat was skating before we started dating, so Ive never really seen him on a board before. I must say, hes not bad. Hes a bit of a hottie at the skate park. Granted hes the only one in my age bracket, but I find it cool to watch him do something he loves soooo much. Rose thinks he rocks also.

He came home from Bundamba skate park this morning announcing that he had dropped in on the skate bowl. He was stoked! I love seeing him this happy.
Rose loves the keyboard she got for christmas. She was spoilt this christmas with a million gifts, but the one thing her Dad mentioned we should get is her absolute favourite. He certainly knows his girl.

I was spoilt with gifts from the December Boutique Market. I have such a long wish list. And I
got everything on my list. Necklace from HeMaKa, Sexy PJ's from Mimi First, A great silicon mould for cupcakes in lady birds, bees and firefly shapes, a beautiful pendent, A fabulous handbag from Mags Bags, A dress from Mimi First, which came in handy on Stadbroke Island over swimmers.

Lunch time Christmas Day we packed the car and took off to Grandmas house for a family Christmas Dinner. As per usual, food was great, and we all had a great time watching the kids enjoy opening presents and playing with new gifts.

Nathan and Rose took a trip to Port Macquarie to visit with his mother and brother whilst I enjoyed some time with my Mum. Shopping, lunch out, Movies all the things you dont get to do when you are looking after a family and kids. This would have to have been my favourite time this christmas. Mum and I had such fun, and the evenings spent on the Sing Star with my sister and Mum where so much fun. If I can get a hold of the Tina Turner photos, I will post them for you, every one should be allowed to laugh that much.

2nd of January and we set off for Stradbroke Island for 5 nights. What a great spot. Now if you dont have children and you are looking for a romantic spot away, then DO NOT go to Couran Cove Resort. If however, you are looking for a great family holiday, with plenty of fun activities for the whole family then Couran Cove is the place for you. 40 mins off the coast of hope Island on the Gold Coast, and we were in heaven. For me, entertain my husband and daughter, give me a sunny position by the pool with wait staff, and keep the cocktails coming. I'm in heaven.

Nathan and Rose busied themselves with Kayaking, Snorkelling, Swimming, Riding, Bowls, the list goes on. We had a great holiday, we returned home well rested and ready to tackle a new year. That was until Sunday evening after the Boutique Market when we had to rush Austin to the Emergency Animal Hospital. We suspected a Tick, although it was another bout of spinal problems. Austin has always had a disc problem that flares when ever he gets to ruff with other dogs, or jumps out of the car at the wrong angle. Well this time he is confined to a box on pain killers and anti inflamatories and we are hoping he will return to his normal happy, joyful self.

Its been 4 days and he is improving slowly, but his back legs are still a bit wobbly. I love him so much and have spent the last 4 days watching over him, and just spoiling him silly. He is 14 and I know that eventually he will need to leave us, but I'm not ready yet. Anyway, with plenty of rest I am confident he will make a full recovery. Albeit a very expensive one.

So now you are all caught up on what's been keeping me busy. Hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year holidays. I wish you all the love I feel myself. I look forward to plenty more blogging this year.