Monday, August 31, 2009

Val Haala Fashion Parade

What were you doing on Saturday evening?

If you weren't at the Metropole Hotel for Val Haala's 1st Gala Fashion Parade,
then I'm assuming you were out of town.

Erin the owner and designer behind Val Haala in Ipswich's Top of Town
precinct put on a production to rival many of Brisbane's fashion week shows.

The who's, who of Ipswich were out in force, and supporting one of
their own. Here are a few shots from the night.

Kimberley Jedrzejczyk and Rebecca Neilsen

Natalie Patch and Nicole Richards

Jess Denman from Bella Boutique on Glebe, back stage with models

Naomi George of Province

Ellen Armstong, Kate Johnston, Christa Kuczmenda from the Makeup Room on Glebe Rd

Claire Gardner, Vanessa Cobbin and Matthew Cobbin of Gallery Newtown

Model Danielle Svensson

Tiffany Skye Spurrier and Erin Jonker owner/designer from Val Haala

Kim, Naomi George, Christine Foote and Cathy Dearinger enjoying the fashion parade.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The very talented Kim Dawson

"Skirts Like These" created by Kim Dawson

On an outting to Wollongabba to check out a new antique store,
I called into Absolutely Fabulous - 39 Logan Rd Wollongabba,
and met the wonderfully talented Kim Dawson.

Kim immediately caught my attention wearing a most delightful
black swooshy skirt, which started our conversation.

It was here that I learned of Kim Dawson's label "Skirts Like These".

The images above are from Kim's most recent collection.
After chatting with Kim, I learned that the skirts are made in a wrap
around style, so that one size fits all.

Each of Kims handmade skirts are considered wearable art.
Kim believes if a particular creation speaks to you,
size should not come between you and your skirt.

I agree, there is nothing worse than finding the perfect skirt and then
not being able to get it in your size.

I have my eye on a few of Kim's creations, and look forward to
attending her next exhibition of wearable art.

Check out Kim's website at
or follow "skirts like these" on facebook.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spend some time browsing "Province".

When I have a spare moment, I love to head down to Province
to catch up with my favourite girls
Naomi and Kerrie.

Naomi and Kerri have created a space in Ipswich that can transport
your senses to places all over the globe.

When I step into Province I am taken away
to the cobbled lane ways of Venice, filled with marvellous
treasures. Well at least my senses are....

I thought today, I might share the experience with you.

Enjoy the images.

Next time you feel like a little drive, why not call into Province.
Province is located at;

197 Brisbane St,

Trading Hours - Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

ph 07 3496 1183

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This weeks game review with Miss Rose.

Hi again, this week I am reviewing.......

Girl Games!!!

So all you girls out there you better go to these
game sites or you don't know what your

This time one game was so good
I decided to put only
that one on my
blog and
that one

Mission H2O

I'm not kidding. It should get.....

4 chichi's out of 5!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Liana Kabel - Jewellery Making Workshop

(above images of Liana Kabels jewellery)

Guess what I'm doing this Saturday?

Yep, I'm attending the Liana Kabel jewellery
making workshop at the Ipswich Art Gallery.

I'm so excited, I have booked Rose into the children's workshop,
and I am attending the adults workshop. The great thing about that is
I get to sit in on the children's workshop with Rose. So I get twice the fun.

You can purchase Liana's jewellery at her Etsy store online,
good luck deciding on a favourite. I love them all.

Jacina from the Ipswich Art Gallery tells me there are still a few places
left in both workshops, so if you are interested in joining us please
make sure you book ASAP.

For details on the workshops click on the below links;

Adult Workshop Bookings
Childrens Workshop Bookings

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annual Book Week Parade

The day was finally here, all of our hard work had
paid off. Rose and her friends looked fabulous in the Book Week Parade.

This years theme - Book Safari.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 looked brilliant!

I don't think there was a children's book missing from
the line up of characters. It is fabulous to see the effort that
all the parents and students go to.

To see the kids having a great day, in the name
of literacy, was priceless!

Well done Ralf Boxer!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet Ralf Boxer

"Red barked for pawmission, then backed away, in case Ralf Boxer was lying in wait to swing from his ears. We waited a bit. We still didn't see Ralf Boxer:

'He's playing hide and squeak,' said Red.
'Ralf Boxer?' I called. 'Show yourself, in the name of the paw!'

A very small nose peeped around the edge of the house and Ralf Boxer slunk into view. Is that you, Jack Russell?'

'Of paws its me,' I snapped.
'Keep your voice down!; Ralf Boxer entreated. 'I am dogged by disaster! The enemy has a beak and is not afraid to use it! If I stay in the open I will be eaten!'

'Chooks don't eat dogs,' I said.
'This is no chook!' hissed Ralf. 'I am a brave dog, but there are some things no dog can face. Hush! Here he comes again! Goodbye, Jack Russell. Save yourself.'

'Here comes what?' Red asked.
'I know nothing. Nothing at all, said Ralf Boxer.
(extract from Fowl Play by Darrel & Sally Odgers)

Ralf Boxer

Book week is upon us, and it's time to get creative.

For those of you that recognise the entertaining words of Darrel & Sally Odgers, you
would know exactly who Ralf Boxer is. Ralf is the 'pawfully small chihuahua' from
the novel "Jack Russell Dog Detective's Fowl Play"

For those of you that know my daughter Rose, you will understand
her choice in character. This year, Rose has been old enough to make
a real contribution to the making of the outfit.

Let me tell you, paper mache is messy. But introduce the likes of an eight year
old, and it gives new meaning to the word "Mess".

All that said, once the alien like head had hardened, it was my turn.
A little bit of fake fur and a hot glue gun and Im happy.

We are reusing the body of "Fantastic Mr Fox" from book week 2007. So
all is done. You will have to wait for Mondays post to see the end result. Here is a little taste

Rose and Chi Chi

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Miss Rose's Game Review

Hi. I’m Rose and this is my first blog.

But first I should introduce my self and

whose daughter I am.

I am Kate out of Peg & Kate’s daughter.

I know, I know wow she is so lucky, I get that

A lot these days.

Today I’m doing a blog especially for the kids.

Because these days kids can only play the most

boring games in the world such as the wiggles snakes and ladders,

where almost every year you lose a playing piece. And since when

do kids get to play with their parents for 5 minutes every day in a 24

hour time slot?!

So thank goodness someone invented the computer and laptop,

otherwise I don’t know how kids these days would entertain themselves.

So I’m revising every game you can find on the Internet and giving them a rating out of

5 chi chi’s. So all you kids out there get ready for the best blog that you and your parents can enjoy.

First I will be revising pet or animal games

Pet Wedding

I found the games above from the following game sites;


Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing Miss Rose

Introducing my best buddy Miss Rose.

Miss Rose is very involved in the Peg & Kate label. And is always
asking me for ways she can contribute to Peg & Kate.

She is a huge help to me at the Markets. I don't know how
I would manage without her.

So when I suggested she start writing a regular piece on the blog
she was naturally very excited.

Miss Rose is going to be talking about something that all kids love.

Online games! Miss Rose and her friends are always finding new and exciting
games online, so she has decided she will share a few of them with our Peg & Kate

Miss Rose will be trialling the games and then giving them a Fun Rating. So stay
tuned for Miss Rose's spot about Online Games.