Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back behind the sewing machine.....

Back Behind the sewing machine alright! and loving it.

Heres one of my latest Lunch Bags, one of my daughters school friends placed an order over the weekend for a couple of Lunch Bags. I'm so excited, I think the fabrics look great. I can't wait to make more. I hope my daughters friend Anna gets as much enjoyment out of her new Lunch Bag as I did making it.

I think I want to make one for myself.


c moody said...

Hi Cathy,
Just checked out your website to see what is new. Love your lunch boxes. Not just saying that because you happen to be my daughter. Have I told you lately just how proud I am of you. Not sure where your creativity comes from (definitely not me). Keep the ideas flowing. Nan would be thrilled to know that you have put her sewing machine to such good use. Love you heaps Mum

Peg and Kate said...

Thanks Mum. Love you :)

Rachael said...

Great posts on youir blog and the DE blog!
Have added you to my blogroll.