Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award... from Lyssymay

Thank you to Alyssa Milton from Lyssymay for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Ive been asked to share with you 7 of my favourite things, and 7 of my favourite blogs.

So here goes.

These are in no particular order. (or all hell will break loose at home)

I Love Memorable Moments, and looking back on photos. I love this photo, it brings a tear to my eye. She is so gorgeous, and was so happy to hold that tiny frog. Simple things that stay in our memories for ever.

I love a good Hat Parade, Christmas, Easter I don't mind, I just love making them. And Rose looks fabulous in a hat.

I have been informed by my lovely sister that you actually need to let your child take part in the making of the hat to be considered for a prize. As such we have never won anything....

Rose does have fun picking out the decorations, little chicks, and collecting sticks from the yard to make nests.... but I admit, its
to much fun creating a master piece.

I admit Im a bit of a control freak.....Ok a lot!

I love Organising Fabulous Birthday Parties for my little cherub.

I have been acused of going over board, ok....making individual belly dancing outfits for 20 children, is a little mad, but the photos make it all worth while. Not to mention that all the kids looked equally fabulous and had a wonderful time.

Fairys on the Vineyard, was a favourite. Everyone had a wonderful time, with entertainment for the little fairies and a selection of wine
and cheese from Iron Bark Ridge Vineyard at Purga for the parents.

We've done Blues Clues, Kindi Farm, Even a limo to the Gold Coast to see Outback Spectacular. This one was great and the kids had the best time. We finished with a sleep over and Pancake Birthday Cake for breakfast the next morning. Multi Coloured.... Of Course!

One of my all time favourites was an Alice in Wonderland tea party, although I didn't have to organise that one, as my sister and mother kindly did the catering, hired outfits... but thats another blog altogether.

I especially love Italian Food......mmmmmmmm. Preferably in Italy, with good wine, and good company.

This photo was taken on my birthday a couple of years ago, in Spoleto, Tuscany.

The dish is a baked polenta, and it was delicious.

I love and feel very priviledged to work from home. It gives me the luxury of being involved in all of my daughters school activities. Who would miss this?

My loving husband and daughter. They make life fun, and meaningful.

I adore my lovely Austin and Chi Chi, they are gorgeous,
and give me so much love.

I melt when I look at them. I love them soooo much.

(even when they mess in the hall)


Pretapawte said...

Your puppies are so adorable!

Peg and Kate said...

Thankyou, I soooo agree. They always make me smile, and they are so soft and cuddly... I love them so much.

Nicole said...

I love the picture of Rose with the little frog!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Lots of wonderful things to love there :)