Friday, May 14, 2010

And the winner is.......drum roll please

LittleCrissy winner of Peg & Kate Lunch Bag

Lots of very creative ideas, although I'm going to give the prize for most creative use of the space to LittleCrissy, here are LittleCrissys ideas for the space;

I'm thinking a new dance hall a la the original Cloudland that was so cruelly erased in the middle of the night.
There shall be a live croon-worthy swoon-worthy band, the ladies will wear deliciously pretty vintage dresses and carry fans to cool themselves on sticky summer nights, and the guys will be gentlemen - no fluoro, no muscle tops, no arrogance.
Tea and dainty cakes will, of course, be served, and all will have a jolly good time dancing until the wee hours.

Crissy, your Lunchbag awaits. I look forward to getting it off in the post tomorrow.

As for the prize for the naming the building and year it was constructed, I'm still waiting to hear, Bec Lewis has come close. A little bit of research and you could find yourself the winner of the Lyra Set of 6 Metallic Pencils. I'm going to extend the cut off date for the Pencils till 8pm this coming Friday, the 21st May. So get your entries in. Make sure you email
your entry to

Good Luck.

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Province said...

Tadahhh, guess who!
I feel quite triumphant...and it's only 11.30! What time did you leave?