Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting creative @ Province

Surrounded by so many beautiful items, with french music being piped into my soul.
I feel like making something pretty.

These ribbon creations are available for sale at Province Modern Country.
They are made from a beautiful selection of Vandoros ribbons, hand stitched and
ready to complete the perfect gift.

They also look great as a sexy little neck tie. This pink one would give
your favourite little black dress a new look. Very French, very Chic.

This one, takes pride of place on a most delicious cake stand by Mud.
Come into Province and check them out. I guarantee you will
find the perfect gift to go with your favourite bow.


red bamboo said...

Am a bit jealous. I have enough trouble just tying a plain old bow on my pressies! These look really lovely.

Cuggles! Kids said...

Gorgeous! You're very clever.

Peg and Kate said...

Thanks guys, I don't believe you Annie. I know how talented you are!

Cute as Buttons said...

Hi Cathy, Thinking of buying a pencil roll for my big boy. Should I pre order or just buy at the next Boutique Markets? Can't wait to hear about the Ipswich Antique Centre. I LOVE antiques. Thanks for sending Deb the text. She's a legend. Lisa x

Nicole said...

Very clever Cathy - they are gorgeous! I LOVE mud, such yummy colours available x

Josh said...

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ani's house said...

hey cathy...what's happening with the antique centre? When is it opening?