Monday, June 1, 2009

All packed and ready for school camp....

Our house has been full of excitement and nerves this week.

My baby is going on her first school camp.

I'm so excited for her, but as all you mum's will know with

the excitement comes the nerves.

Oh, I'm not talking about Rosies nerves. That's right.

What about the Mum's in this situation?

I'm not alone. My girlfriends are all faced with the same stresses.

What if they get home sick, what if they don't have a good time,
oh my goodness, what if? The list goes on.

I remember both of my school camps with fond memories,

so why am I so worried about my baby going away? It's crazy.

I should be excited that my husband and I will finally get some time together,
but all I can think about are the worst case scenarios,
that may unfold for my precious little girl.

I know Rosie is also nervous. She has been like Jekyll and Hyde

all week. She is worried about taking medicine, and not being

like everyone else. She's not sure if her friends of so many years

will like her on camp. Go figure!

And the Flying Fox, sure it's fun, but what if she gets scared.

I listen to the wise words I give Rose to explain how wonderful

this experience will be, and how she will look back on it one day

with the same fond memories that I do about my school camps.

But still, I can't help being nervous.

My friends and I have planned a support coffee meeting at a
local coffee house, immediately after drop off.

What a mess we will all be. Add to our nerves,

the caffeine and who knows what will happen.

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mondo cherry said...

I hope she has a wonderful time away. I think the idea of a Mother's support coffee therapy session sounds like a very good idea. Will have to remember it next time my kids go on camp (which they have always loved).