Monday, September 14, 2009

Fabulously Fabricated!

We all know how busy Deb from Fabricated has been lately.
It is always difficult to balance family time with work,
especially when they are emotional times, and Deb has had
her fair share this last month.

So when she called me to say that Rose's special birthday bag was
ready, I was blown away at her commitment.
She is such a treasured soul.

We had arranged with Deb from Fabricated to take one of Rose's favourite pair of jeans
that no longer fit, and turn them into a beautiful keepsake.
A very functional keepsake.

And it is perfect, Rose opened it at her party with all of her
girlfriends present. And it was a huge hit.
Rose loves it, and her girlfriends will most likely be wanting
their very own Fabricated handbag.

Thank you Deb, your a dear friend, and I love your work.


red bamboo said...

Very, very groovy!
Such clever people out there! Hope Rose had a great birthday too!

Peg and Kate said...

Thanks Annie. We had a great time. I cant wait till you and Drew get to experience to 9 year old sleep over party. Eeek, a few years yet, but its entertaining, thats for sure. Cathy

Sandrine said...

Very stylish little miss Rose!What a great idea to use her old jeans!Deb is very clever I see;))

deborah leigh said...

Thank you so much for putting Roses bag on your blog! I am so happy that she loves it and thank you for thinking of me for one of her birthday presents. See you on the 26th at Handmade Expo.