Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday Mornings @ Province

If you haven't heard from me in a while, its because I have been busy getting ready for the opening of the Ipswich Antique Centre, where I have decided to lease some space and try my hand at selling antiques. I'm always buying display pieces for Peg & Kate and with plenty of interest in the school desks and little bits and pieces I find,
Ive decided it cant hurt to give it a burl.

Fresh Lilies, Alstromeria's, Roses ......

More on the Antique Centre very soon, another reason I have been neglecting my blog is I have started a new part-time job.

If you are out and about in Ipswich you will find me Saturday mornings at the beautiful Province Modern Country store.

my personal favourites Pewter Milk Jugs and tableware

With things getting busier, Naomi, Micheal and Kerry have asked me to join the team. I love coming into work here at Province. There's always something new to see, and plenty of friendly Ipswich personalities to catch up with.

fabulous Manzoni leather handbags and purses

So if you are thinking of making a trip out to Ipswich or if you are a local and would like to call in for a chat I'd love to see you.

a selection of Cote Est bowls and cups

Province Modern Country
197 Brisbane St
phone: 61 07 34961183

Glasshouse Fragrant Candles


red bamboo said...

How exciting for you! I think I would be very broke if I worked at Provence!

Peg and Kate said...

Yes, that may be a bit of a problem.

ani's house said...

Hey Cathy, When does the antique centre open? I am getting very excited!

Peg and Kate said...

At this stage the Antique Centre are looking to open for September. No dates yet. Im very excited also

Fruehlingbitte-Naturseifen said...

That looks like a lovely store. Next time when I am in Australia, I pop by, have a nice day,
all the best from Germany,