Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strangely calm.....

Things were riding very smoothly this morning getting ready for school. We were so organised that we even managed to step out to school 10min's early.

As I pulled the door closed, I realised our morning was about to change dramatically. Yep, I locked the keys in the house. That's house keys and car keys!

The universe decided to throw me a curve ball, and I was strangely calm. Normally there would be cuss words and a cranky disposition for the rest of the day.

But this morning, I just rolled with it. I instantly decided to swap my gym routine for a brisk walk to school. It was on this strangely calm walk I formulated my action plan. By 9:30am I was back in the house and ready to get on with the my day.

I think today, I learned a valuable lesson, well two lessons.

Always double check for keys before leaving the house. And remain calm, there is no need to over react, just stay calm.


The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

mmmmm..YEP, always check.
Its funny you bring this story up...I recently locked my keys in my shop...Yep, not trade until a locksmith could come out HOURS later.
Silly us hey?

red bamboo said...

I like the photo of the (offending) key ring...very poetic..