Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congratulations to Vanessa!

Congratulations to Vanessa Hafner of Brisbane.

Vanessa is the winner of the Peg & Kate 1st Birthday Giveaway.
As the winner, Vanessa will receive a Peg & Kate Pencil Roll Starter Pack
valued at $62.05.

I'm celebrating my own 35th Birthday this Sunday, and in the spirit of the Peg & Kate giveaway, I'd like to offer a 10% discount to all customer's purchasing any Peg & Kate product at the Boutique Markets Portside this Sunday 9th August.

So come down to the Boutique Markets Portside this Sunday say hello
and treat yourself for the day. I can't wait to see you all there.


Sandrine said...

Congrats to Vanessa!Hopefully you will be receiving lovely treats too for your birthday!My brother is from the 8 th;)

clare's craftroom said...

Hi I've just found your blog , what great stuff you have !

Cute as Buttons said...

Hi Cathy, I meant to say Happy Birthday and forgot all about it until I sat down with a cup of tea and the laptop. Happy, Happy, Birthday! Lisa.

deborah leigh said...

Hey Cathy, just wanted to tell you how lovely it was reading your blog. also need to let you know I found my other tootsie in my money bag!!!! must have fallen in there when i went to the loo!!! lucky catch!!!! deb

Peg and Kate said...

Thanks Clare :)

Great news about your tootsie Deb. I hope my last blog wasn't toooo long. They tend to get longer after each glass of wine ;) Look forward to seeing you next month, and seeing what fabulous creation you have come up with for Rose.

Lisa, Thanks for the birthday wishes. Better than Ben Ten, woo hoo! I think I will have to blog about that one. It makes me smile.