Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Miss Rose's Game Review

Hi. I’m Rose and this is my first blog.

But first I should introduce my self and

whose daughter I am.

I am Kate out of Peg & Kate’s daughter.

I know, I know wow she is so lucky, I get that

A lot these days.

Today I’m doing a blog especially for the kids.

Because these days kids can only play the most

boring games in the world such as the wiggles snakes and ladders,

where almost every year you lose a playing piece. And since when

do kids get to play with their parents for 5 minutes every day in a 24

hour time slot?!

So thank goodness someone invented the computer and laptop,

otherwise I don’t know how kids these days would entertain themselves.

So I’m revising every game you can find on the Internet and giving them a rating out of

5 chi chi’s. So all you kids out there get ready for the best blog that you and your parents can enjoy.

First I will be revising pet or animal games

Pet Wedding

I found the games above from the following game sites;



PretaPawte said...

I love that you have rated them with chi chi's very cute.
Congrats on your first post i'm looking forward to many more

Nicole said...

Great post Rose and YES how lucky your mum is to have you :)

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Loving your post Rose..Thanks for taking the time out to do this wonderful post. 5 chi chi's to you!


Jodie said...

Congrat's on your 1st post Rose. I have saved those links in my favourites for my daughter to play.

I will do a post over at Poss Bloss for you, I am sure you will be sure have quite a following very soon :-)

Peg and Kate said...

thanks guys it took a lot of work

Peg and Kate said...

That last comment was from Rose, forgetting to log in as Rose. She is so funny!

Rose said...

I give it 5 chichi's out of 5!!!
love the chici ratings