Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet Ralf Boxer

"Red barked for pawmission, then backed away, in case Ralf Boxer was lying in wait to swing from his ears. We waited a bit. We still didn't see Ralf Boxer:

'He's playing hide and squeak,' said Red.
'Ralf Boxer?' I called. 'Show yourself, in the name of the paw!'

A very small nose peeped around the edge of the house and Ralf Boxer slunk into view. Is that you, Jack Russell?'

'Of paws its me,' I snapped.
'Keep your voice down!; Ralf Boxer entreated. 'I am dogged by disaster! The enemy has a beak and is not afraid to use it! If I stay in the open I will be eaten!'

'Chooks don't eat dogs,' I said.
'This is no chook!' hissed Ralf. 'I am a brave dog, but there are some things no dog can face. Hush! Here he comes again! Goodbye, Jack Russell. Save yourself.'

'Here comes what?' Red asked.
'I know nothing. Nothing at all, said Ralf Boxer.
(extract from Fowl Play by Darrel & Sally Odgers)

Ralf Boxer

Book week is upon us, and it's time to get creative.

For those of you that recognise the entertaining words of Darrel & Sally Odgers, you
would know exactly who Ralf Boxer is. Ralf is the 'pawfully small chihuahua' from
the novel "Jack Russell Dog Detective's Fowl Play"

For those of you that know my daughter Rose, you will understand
her choice in character. This year, Rose has been old enough to make
a real contribution to the making of the outfit.

Let me tell you, paper mache is messy. But introduce the likes of an eight year
old, and it gives new meaning to the word "Mess".

All that said, once the alien like head had hardened, it was my turn.
A little bit of fake fur and a hot glue gun and Im happy.

We are reusing the body of "Fantastic Mr Fox" from book week 2007. So
all is done. You will have to wait for Mondays post to see the end result. Here is a little taste

Rose and Chi Chi

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Rose said...

Go Ralf Boxer!!!!! that mask is cute but also freaky!